“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi


Are you craving more balance in your life?

Would you like to have more free time and enjoy it?

How would you feel to be in alignment and balance – personally and professionally?

Would you like to experience MORE joy, fun, play, balance, and ease?

If you answered YES! to one or more of these questions,

let’s get together for a complimentary Strategy Session.


Complimentary Strategy Session

In this private session we will be creating safe and sacred space for your healing and wellbeing.

We will be exploring together a Five Step Breakthrough process:

1.  Getting clear on the Vision for your life, health, business or relationships.  You will choose the focus.

2.  Strategizing your plan of action – how you will move forward with greater confidence, clarity and ease.

3.  Outlining a daily self-care routine to support you in your health.

4.  Organize the steps necessary to create a healthy environment in your home, in your work and in your relationships.

5.  Introduce tools to assist you in releasing fears, doubts, limiting beliefs and insecurities to create new confidence and empowering beliefs.

Should you decide to move forward with coaching, you will be offered a customized program of coaching support to provide structure, encouragement, challenges and celebrations as you move more fully into the Vision for your life.

Congratulations on taking the first step!




Becca is a unique coach because she understands peace and tranquility. It shows in her

work and guidance. I was not happy in my teaching career and through working with her

I have found a new attitude. There are good ways to live my life and enjoy my job. I am

thankful for her helping me to seek peace through our sessions as well as her classes and

retreats.”  Tracy Tighe, Napa, CA

Becca is a delightful person. She is playful and full of joy but also very devoted to my

growth and strong in holding me accountable. She makes each session fun and relaxing,

but also productive, keeping me on purpose, inspiring me in the direction of my goals.

She is compassionate and empathetic with setbacks and promptly shows me how to get up,

brush myself off and start again. She is focused solely on me during our sessions and is a

very good listener.”   Vicki Benham, Napa, CA

Becca has that unique ability to listen and help draw out an individual’s goals and

desires. I am experiencing better focus on and understanding of my direction in work and

family.”  Tod Bechtol, Napa, CA

Becca Pronchick, CPCC   707.253.8733